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Change your thinking to focus on who God says you are in him, because that is all that really matters. He is doing the final judging, not people.

Spiritual Growth Takes a lot of Growing Pains... but no pain compared to what we deserve.

Come Holy Spirit andreplace our thoughts that impair us. Take over our lives by the power and strength of the Holy Spirit.

Time to settle in and listen to what God has to tell you today. He will whisper your guidance, so quiet yourself so you can hear.

Don't let your past chase you, don't let the future scare you, live for today since it is all you have. Live it wisely, joyfully, and freely in Christ.

I would rather follow God down a painful path than be on my own path without him.

Guilt is to help you, not hurt you. "Keep no record of wrongs". Your wrongs and others wrongs. He does not hold you captive in your wrong doings/thoughts. He set you free by His death on the cross. "There is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus."

God never pressures us to accept Him as Lord of our life, but he lures us in order to recognize we need Him.

The path to Peace is found in Christ. Drop the backage off with Him and travel "light".

Un-forgivness is a mental trap. You imprison your heart and mind by not forgiving others. You do not have to agree with what they did, but accept that the other person messed up. At times you do to.

Don't forget to forgive yourself also. What good does it do not to?? +Don't just get into the Word, let the Word get into you.

YOU ARE ABLE with God.... Do not give up, just keep looking up. And take time for rest and quiet.... If we get wrapped up in too much, we can easily get tangled up in the wrong things.

Welcome to the human race, don't worry about how fast you run it, but rather adjust the race to a pace.

Nutrition plays a vital role with your mental health... Imbalances contribute to a multitude of mental health problems... We do not solely feed our bodies, but we also feed our minds.

Picking from the fruits of the Spirit is most satisfying and very filling to you and those around you... So rememeber your fruit, eat well, so you stay well.

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