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Brightside Counseling Services

Brightside Counseling Services specializes in counseling those age 18 years and older. I also provide EAP services and Christian counseling services.

Anxiety/Depression/Bi-Polar Disorder

Why continue to feel depressed, anxious and angry? Brightside can provide you with strategies and treatment to find relief for these symptoms.

PTSD and Abuse

Many suffer with trauma, but there is help. If you have suffered from physical, sexual or emotional abuse, violence or other major life threatening or devastating events, Brightside is available to empathetically and confidentially help you to cope with these difficulties. Debriefing service is also available.

Life Transitions

Whether it be moving, transition from deployment, new job, retirement,or transition to or from college, life transitions can become stressful. Finding your new direction can be difficult and we are here to help.


Children ages 18 years and up, along with help for parents. Stressed out, low self-esteem, depressed, anxious, trouble fitting in with others? Parents going through divorce? Check out Brightside Counseling to help you deal with others better and help you to feel better about yoursself.

Caregiver Stress

We are placed in situations with family and loved ones we never expected to be in. We do our best to provide help but emotionally and physically get so tired and irritated we sometimes feel like we cannot keep going. We are here to help with strategies to relive this stress and to begin to nurture yourself enough to sustain thru the care giving process.

Relationship Issues

Good communication skills, healthy boundaries and limits, and realistic expectations of yourself and others are all key components to forming healthy relationships. Anger management and relapse prevention services are also available.


It is very difficult to lose someone you love. You may feel lonely, lost and isolated. Brightside Counseling offers the education/support you need through this difficult time.The type of loss you experience matters on your response and can feel traumatic.

Christian Counseling

Charmaine is available to provide Christ centered counseling at your request. Prayer and scripture is incorporated into the sessions to enhance, enrich, and encourage your spiritual life.

Business/EAP Services

  • Employee Assistance (EAP) Counseling by Charmaine.
  • Brightside has contracts with various Employee Assistance Programs (EAP's) to provide:
    • Employee Assistance Counseling
    • Critical Incident Stress Debriefings
    • Presentations for EAPS

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